Mezcal is the name that has been given for more than 400 years to beverages obtained from the distillation of the fermented must from the cooked pineapples of maguey or agave; in Mexico there is the greatest variety of agaves since they require a semi-desert climate with little rain. It takes an estimated ten years to mature, blossoming only once through a spike of the name quiote, dying shortly afterwards.

Balance between smoke, sweetness, body and great flavor to give a balanced glass and an experience on the palate with a fine touch.

Accented with fine smell, with full and soft body. Highlights the agave nature granted by dry and warm climate in volcanic soil; resulting in a perfect blend for demanding taste.

A mezcal with great finesse and distinction, with a silvery tone, intense smell, unique and explosive flavor. It is the essence of a fine, arduous and passionate process.





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