Mezcal  Alma de Oaxaca   was born in Oaxacan lands where agave grows. Cooked in stone oven with black oak and torn in Egyptian tahona pulled by beast; to later be fermented in wooden vats.

When it comes to an artisan mezcal, the production process is almost all manual. That includes bottle bottling, labeling bottle by bottle by hand and personal packing.

The essence

of the agave

The sublime flavor Alma de Oaxaca  is taken care of from the cut of the agave, the cooking of the pineapple and the perfect torn that nature itself puts through the stone and the strength of the horse.

The double distillation process natural and organic one hundred percent, which gives the unmistakable aroma, the thick and crystalline body and the exclusive taste that only  Alma de Oaxaca through its ancestors has been able to define in a balanced and fine mezcal






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